La Capinera

December - 9 - 2018 | Massimo Bellini Theater of Catania

grigoli salvatore event poster, The blackcap at the Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania in December 2018 .

The Baritone Salvatore Grigoli for La Capinera , "modern" melodrama in two acts, by Gianni Bella (the music), Mogol (the lyrics), Giuseppe Fulcheri (the libretto) , with the orchestration of Geoff Westley and directed by Dante Ferretti. The production is realized by the Massimo Bellini Theater of Catania.

The subject is taken from the epistolary novel "Storia di una capinera" by Giovanni Verga, its peculiarity is that its transposition into "modern" opera is signed by important authors who approach the genre for the first time. Inherent in the story, first of all it is the decipherability of situations, passions, tensions, contrasts, and the aspersion of emotional shocks. In the textual element is the transparency of the narration, the comprehensibility of the language, the adherence of the text to the music, the regularity of the phrase. And musical: tonal clarity, consonances, homoritmias, thematic reminiscences, quotations, institutionalized paradigms of granting music to mass culture ".

The subject remains set shortly after the cholera epidemic that struck Sicily in the mid-800s and tells the story of hopeless love between the novice Maria and the young Nino, destined to marry her half sister, so dear to her father as a victim. of the stepmother's maneuvers.

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