Il Pirata

September - 28 - 2019 | Catania Bellini Theater

grigoli salvatore poster in the role of Ernesto, the Pirate operates at the Bellini theater in Catania 2019

Salvatore Grigoli is Ernesto . His was a beautiful performance. An excellent stage presence, a warm and imperious voice that he used with great technical mastery.

The Opera, staged for the first time in 1827 in Milan, is still incredibly current. The beautiful and unhappy Duchess of Caldera offers refuge to shipwrecked pirates. And who knows what the beloved old Bellini, our beloved fellow-citizen, would look like today... he took the principles of humanity and hospitality of the shipwrecked for granted and he played the music!

The story is set during the Vespro war and revolves around Gualtiero, formerly Count of Montalto and partisan of Manfredi. These, exiled from the Angevin party, become leader of the Aragonese pirates to claim his honor and that of the family. The desire for revenge overcomes the pain of forced removal from the homeland and from the beloved Imogene. Gualtiero, however, thinks that not everything is lost and that at the end of the "reparative mission" he can crown his dream of love. He does not know that the woman, in order to save her father, had to accept a "forced" marriage with Ernesto Duke of Caldora (hypothetical Sicilian coastal city), a partisan of the Angevins and therefore his political adversary. Gualtiero discovers the truth when a storm throws him on the shore of his native town. In the grip of fury, he would like to kill his son born of this "faithless marriage", but he is stopped by his mother, Imogene herself. Ernesto, having returned from the battle, first arrested the pirates rescued by his wife, then decided to release them as long as they left the next day. During the night, during a clarification meeting between the two lovers, the jealous husband bursts in and challenges his rival to a duel, but he is killed. Gualtiero, voluntarily surrendered to the guards, is condemned to the maximum torture but decides to give himself death by falling from a bridge, while Ipogene falls prey to a desperate oneiric delirium.

The conductor of the Miquel Ortega director is passionate, with his ability to give voice to the score both in moments of gentle whisper and in moments of choral impetus. Luigi Petrozziello is the Master of the Choir of the Bellini Theater of Catania which offers, with the Pirate, the better than his acting and singing skills. Perhaps a little disappointing is the direction of Giovanni Anfuso (and his assistant Angelo D’Agosta ), which the singers could have asked for more, more dynamism due to the fact that the stage was completely empty. The duet between Ernesto and Imogene is more real and intense; too static, perhaps, the love duet between her and Gualtiero. Giovanna Giorgianni took care of the scenes: essential and spartan but interesting in the making of mobile panels that moved on stage. Marvelous Riccardo Cappello costumes, rich and sumptuous or perfectly miserable for that Pirate crew that, at some point, manages to give itself to joy and joy despite being close to the drama and the death that would soon fall on the protagonists.

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